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Where does the name Abstract Games come from?

We love playing and building abstract strategy games. Abstract games are clean, simple, and can be played for a lifetime. Many have been played for thousands of years. We want to make more of them, and hopefully they last for the next thousand years.

What is an abstract strategy game?

Wikipedia has an excellent article on this. We think of them as games that have no theme, no luck, and no hidden information. That means games that have no art or story, no elements of chance like shuffled cards or dice, and games where every player can see all the pieces in play. Winning or losing depends on skill alone.

What is your logo?

Our logo is four stones played in a square—the smallest arrangement of pieces in One that cannot be captured in any direction. To us, these stones represent integrity, innovation, durability, and sustainability. The logo is also a reminder for us to make careful decisions. Even a square can be captured if one piece is moved.

Where are you located?

We don't have a physical location, but you may see us at playtests and game nights around New York City.

Who's behind all of this?

Right now, just me. My name is Nathaniel. I'm a writer by degree who stumbled into board game design, living in Brooklyn and working in Manhattan. It's good to meet you.

Where did the game One come from?

One started as a senior-year side project. We were trying to create a game like tic-tac-toe that was simple enough to draw on a napkin, but complicated enough that you might never play the same game twice. The first game was made of eight lines drawn through four rings. The goal was still to create the largest connected group, but pieces could not be captured. Games were interesting enough to be fun, but usually short. Four years later, after playing with colleagues, we received suggestions to add additional spaces and to add a capture element. A month after that, we had created the final boards and mechanics that we've used ever since.

How do I play One?

We have a full how-to guide here. You can also click here for a link to a printable set of rules.

Where can I buy One?

You can't buy it just yet. Our long-term plan is to sell the game on Kickstarter. We're hoping to launch in a year or less. If you want to keep updated, follow us on Facebook, read our blog, or sign up for our email list at the bottom of this page. We'll keep you up to date.

Do you have plans for more games?

Not yet, but we have ideas. We're going to make sure One is a success first.

I have a question.

Email us. We love to hear your questions, comments, suggestions, and feedback. If you'd like us to bring One to a playtest or game night near you, let us know. We'll be there.

Who designed your website?

We did, with some substantial help from Wix. Our typeface is Ostrich Proper is by Tyler Finck.