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Place stones to form the largest group. Capture them to add to your score.

And block your opponents from doing the same.

One uses a circular board so that you can never be backed into a corner. Place pieces around the center to connect around the board, or fill the outer rings to form larger groups.

Build and strengthen your own groups as the game goes on, and keep an eye out for critical connections. Block your opponent and capture their stones to add to your score.

Play tactically, but also strategically. Fight to block and connect when it's important, but don't lose sight of the shape of the game.




ONE can be played with 2-6 players.

Each player starts with enough stones so that, if combined, everyone’s stones

would exactly fill the board. Black plays first. Play progresses clockwise.

The goal is to form the largest connected group.

You can place one stone anywhere on the board each turn. Your stones are connected if they are directly adjacent.

You can also capture stones by jumping them.

Instead of placing a stone when it is your turn, you can choose to capture  one of your opponents'. Captured stones are worth two points, and are kept by the player that captured them. You can only capture if one of your stones is adjacent to an opponent’s, and if there is an open space on the other side. You may not capture diagonally.

However, you may capture multiple stones in a series of jumps.

The game ends under the following conditions.

Players should feel free to resign when it is clear they cannot win. When one player runs out of stones, play continues until it reaches the player who first placed a stone, and then ends before their turn.

Scores are then calculated for each player using the following formula:

# of stones in only your one largest connected group + (# of opponents stones you captured x 2) = score

The player with the highest score wins.




Play ONE online at Board Game Arena here. It's entirely free; just set up an account and play.

We're also on Tabletop Simulator. All 3 board sizes are available, and rules

are available in-game. Download Tabletop Simulator here.

You can also print a board using these links for large, medium, and small boards.

Print the rules and strategy guide here. Take the files to a print shop

of your choice, or print across multiple pages and assemble a board yourself.

For playing pieces, you can use anything from nickels and pennies to full-size Go stones.

We recommend melamine Go stones as a cost-effective option.

Please note that ONE is available under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 International license. You can print, play, and modify our games as you like, but can't sell them without our permission.